2019 Asian Para Rowing Training Camp & Regatta

Event Details

CHUNGJU, KOREA 19 October – 27 October 2019


FISA, ARF, the Korean Rowing Association (KRA) and Korean Para-rowing Association (KPRA), supported by the Agitos Foundation, will host a para rowing training camp in Chungju in 2019 to help identify and train para rowing athletes from nations in Asia.
The training camp is open to all para-rowing sport classes: PR1, PR2 and PR3

Priority is given to PR1 athletes who can qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.
The qualification system for the 2020 Paralympic Games includes an Asian Continental Qualification Regatta (27-30 April, 2020) with qualification opportunities in:

  • PR1 Men’s Single Sculls (PR1 M1x) – one place
  • PR1 Women’s Single Sculls (PR1 W1x) – one place

For more details on the qualification process, please check the document published on the page below:


The focus of this camp is to identify, classify and train athletes whom are able to compete in this regatta and support para rowing programmes of developing para rowing nations in general.


The details for the para rowing training camp are as follows:

  • Training camp for athletes and coaches from 19 – 24 October
  • Official regatta competition from 25 – 27 October
  • Accommodation, meals, local transport and equipment are provided during this period
  • Classification of the athletes


The programme has funding for a maximum of 2 athletes (1 male, 1 female), and 1 coach per nation. Federations are welcome to participate with more people at own costs and if the athlete is eligible for para rowing.

Funded NFs will receive:

  • Accommodations in shared rooms
  • Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Boats and equipment during the training camp and regatta
  • Support from FISA Experts and local coaches
  • Informational sessions on classification, biomechanics, nutrition, and more
  • A certificate for participation


  • Commitment to a training program and evidence of athletes and coaches participating in regular training.
  • Commitment of the team to keep training until the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.
  • PR1 athletes to commit to compete at the Asia and Oceania Paralympic Qualification Regatta from 27 – 30 April 2020, Chungju (KOR)

Eligibility and priority

Nations are eligible for funding when meeting the following criteria:

  • No outstanding debts with FISA, ARF or Organising Committees of Member Federations
  • National Selection Policy in place
  • Has an active rowing programme

Priority :

  • Priority is given to PR1 athletes whom can compete at the Asia and Oceania Paralympic Qualification Regatta in from 27 – 30 April 2020.
  • Priority is given to female athletes and coaches
  • Priority is given to new para-rowing nations

Federations which are new to para-rowing

The goal of this training camp is to help develop new para-rowing programmes and prepare them for Paralympic qualification. FISA can work together with you to develop this.

The link to the para-rowing conference from 2017 has a presentation on building a para-rowing programme (slide 125).


We advise to reach out to your National Paralympic Committee or other sports which have para athletes already and ask them if they want to try out for para-rowing. Reaching out to organisations that treat people with impairments is another option to find people (hospitals, army etc.).

Basic training can be done on the ergometer. The athletes can be introduced to on-water training in Chungju. These athletes must be able to swim by the time they come to the training camp. Novice swimmers should be assisted to work with the national swim federation for basic training. Please reference Rule 21 and 22 in the FISA Rule Book:

Please do not hesitate to contact FISA if you have questions or need support.


Register for the training camp and regatta

Contact persons:

FISA Mr. Yihuan Chang yihuan.chang@fisa.org 
OC Mr. Sungwook KIM swkim@sports.or.kr
ARF Ms.Flora office_arf@sports.cn

Organising Committee
Address Tangeum Lake International Rowing Regatta
Tel: +82 2 420 4275
Fax: +82 2 420 4276

Korean Rowing Federation
Address: Olympic Centre – room 410
Seoul, Korea
Tel: +82 2 423 4510
Email: rowing@sports.or.kr

The Application Process

Step 1: Send letter or email of interest to FISA: yihuan.chang@fisa.org
Deadline: 30 July

Step 2: Identify para-rowing athletes and interested coach(es). If you already have athletes, prepare them for the training camp

Step 3: Submit the application form

Step 4: Double check to see whether your athletes are classified by checking the Master Classification List on the Para Rowing page of the FISA website.

Step 5: If your athlete is classified with a review status and a review date that has passed OR if your athletes are not classified yet, you must upload the medical documentation (listed below) required for classification by the deadline below.

Deadline to upload medical documentation for this classification panel is 10 September 2019

  • FISA Medical Diagnostics Form (for physically impaired) which can be found at http://www.worldrowing.com/para-rowing/
  • Mandatory additional supporting documentation. This varies based on the impairment of the athlete. The details on this can be found on page 2 of the FISA Medical Diagnostics Form within the ‘Impairments’ chart, under the heading “Additional supporting tests/documentation.”

NOTE: The medical forms need to be filled in by a registered licensed physician.

FISA Diagnostics Forms and supporting medical documents need to be uploaded to the FISA RowingTwo database. Each National Federation has a login for this. Please check with your National Federation administrator to obtain the login.

For questions about classification, please contact: classification@fisa.org

Step 6: FISA confirms to federations if their application has been successful and helps to prepare the team for the training camp.

Step 7: Training Camp and regatta in Chungju:
The camp and regatta will be from 19 – 27 October 2019.

Step 8: Follow up
FISA will work with the teams to prepare for the:

  • Asian and Oceania Paralympic Qualification Regatta from 27 – 30 April 2020 in Chungju (KOR)
  • Final Paralympic Qualification Regatta from 8 – 10 May 2020 in Gavirate (ITA).


Arrival 19 October 2019
Camp 19 – 24 October 2019
Classification 24 October 2019
Paralympic Qualification Regatta 25 October – 27 October 2019
Departure 27 after racing or 28 October 2019


To secure transfers from and to the airport teams must confirm their arrival and departure times to:
with copy to: office_arf@sports.cn

A shuttle bus service will be provided between the Official Hotel and the Competition venue during the competition.


The participants are responsible for insurance costs of equipment and persons. The Organising Committee declines all liabilities for all kinds of damage in the area of the regatta.


The ability to swim and tread water is fundamental for participants in a water sport such as rowing. Capsizing in a rowing boat can be dangerous if athletes are not able to tread water, and coaches need to be prepared.

Prior to attending a FISA rowing camp, all rowers, other than those who are reliably known to be able to swim, need to have demonstrated to officials of their national rowing federation their ability to swim at least 50 meters either unaided or when wearing a buoyancy aid and tread water for at least five minutes. Similarly, all rowers other than those who are reliably known to have done capsize drills need to have completed a boat capsize recovery exercise.

Swimming tests and capsize drill must be conducted in swimming pools with at least two lifeguards in attendance. FISA recommends that you contact your national swimming federation to ask for guidance, if needed. Swim tests should never be conducted in open water. Each National federation is requested to be able to certify the swimming ability for each rower presented for participation at a FISA training camp or activity.
It is recommended that Federation members carefully read the British Rowing guidance on Swimming Competence that can be found in Section 3.6 of RowSafe, available in the following link


FISA Rules of Racing: http://www.worldrowing.com/fisa/publications/rule-book
Kindly acknowledge that all the participating athletes have their pre-competition Health Screening done as under Part VII, Rule 99 By-Law 1 of the FISA rules.