2024 Asian Rowing U-19&U-23 Championships

Event Details

2024 Asian Rowing

U-19&U-23 Championships

11th – 14th  September 2024

Shenyang, China

Asian Rowing Federation

President:                                              Mr. Chen Chun Xin

Senior Vice-Presidents:                   Ms. Fay Ho Kim Fai

Vice-Presidents:                                Mr. Semun Oh

Mr. Vahid Moradi

Radm. Praparnpongs Pochanasomburana

Mr. Masakuni Hosobuchi

Secretary General:                             Mr. Liu Dehai

Events Committee:                            Mr. Edy Suyono

Umpiring Committee:                       Mr. Takao Senda

Competitive Committee:                  Mr. Wu Jining

Marketing & Promotion Committee:          Ms. Wang Yan

Rowing Development Committee:              Ms. Katayoun Ashraf

Para Rowing Committee:                              Mr. Seung-Hoon HAN

Rowing for all Committee:                            Mr. Fang Ling

Sports Medicine Committee:                        Mr. Mikio Hiura

E-mail:                                  office@arfrowing.com (official email)

Website:                                 www.arfrowing.com


Chinese Rowing Association

President:                                      Mr. Tong Lixin

Tel:     010-67119212                    Fax: 010-67109232

E-mail:  contact@chinarowing.org.cn         Website: www.rowing.org.cn

Address: Chinese Rowing Association, A14 Tiantan Dongli Zhongqu, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China 100061


Organizing Committee of the event 

Chairman: (TBD)

Vice Chairman: (TBD)

Venue Manager: (TBD)

Competition Manager: (TBD)

Technical Delegate (ARF):                        Mr. NG Wing Ning Victor

Transportation and Logistics:                  Mr. Hongqi Zhang

Event contact person:                                Mr. Shengmin Song

Email: stsy2024@163.com


International Jury

The International Jury will be appointed by the Asian Rowing Federation.