2017 Asian Youth Olympic Games Qualification Regatta & 2017 Asian Rowing Junior Championships

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1.GENERAL INFORMATION OF SINGAPORE AIRPORT 图片1 1.1 Flight arrivals in Terminal 1 -Air Asia, -Air China -Cathay Pacific -China Southern Airlines -Emirates -Japan Airlines -Philippines Airlines – 1.2Flight arrivals in Terminal 2 -Air India -Korean Air -Malaysian Airlines -Singapore Airlines -Tigerair 1.3Flight arrivals in Terminal 3 -China Airlines -Garuda -Qatar Airways -Saudi Arabian Airlines -Singapore Airlines -Vietnam Airlines For the full listing, refer to https://www.changiairport.com/web/en/flight/airlines/list-of-airlines-by-terminals.html 2.COMPETITION INFORMATION: 2.1Competition Date: 11th to 14th October, 2017 2.2Competition Venue: The Asian Rowing Junior Championships will be held in the Singapore Rowing Association Training Center (Pandan Reservoir). 2.3Regatta Course Distance : 2,000m x 8 lanes Width : 12.5m x 8 lanes Water Depth: 3-4 meters Wind Speed: 0.2 to 4m/s 图片2Annex1 Preliminary Entry Form
Annex2 Hotel Reservation 2
Annex3 Final Entry & Boat & Oar Rental Form
Annex4 Final Entry By Name And Boat
Annex5 Visa Application Form
Annex6 Accreditation Form-Athletes
Annex7 Accreditation Form-Officials
Annex8 Arrival and Departure
Bulletin-1 2017 ARJC_SGP
Information on Buenos Aires YOG – from FISA

result_1_Heat 1_EN

result_2_Heat 2_EN

result_3_Heat 3_EN

result_4_Heat 4_EN

result_5_Heat 1_EN

result_6_Heat 2_EN

result_7_Heat 3_EN


result_11_Heat 1_EN

result_12_Heat 2_EN

result_13_Heat 1_EN

result_14_Heat 2_EN

result_15_Heat 3_EN

result_16_Heat 4_EN

result_17_Heat 1_EN

result_18_Heat 2_EN

result_19_Heat 3_EN

result_20_Heat 1_EN

result_21_Heat 2_EN


result_23_Heat 1_EN

result_24_Heat 2_EN

result_25_Repechage 1_EN

result_26_Repechage 2_EN

result_27_Repechage 1_EN


result_31_Repechage 1_EN

result_32_Repechage 2_EN

result_33_Repechage 3_EN

result_34_Repechage 4_EN

result_35_Repechage 1_EN



result_38_Semi-final CD 1_EN

result_39_Semi-final CD 2_EN

result_40_Semi-final AB 1_EN

result_41_Semi-final AB 2_EN

result_42_Semi-final AB 1_EN

result_43_Semi-final AB 2_EN

result_44_Semi-final CD 1_EN

result_45_Semi-final CD 2_EN

result_46_Semi-final AB 1_EN

result_47_Semi-final AB 2_EN

result_48_Semi-final AB 1_EN

result_49_Semi-final AB 2_EN

result_51_Final C_EN

result_52_Final C_EN

result_53_Final B_EN

result_54_Final B_EN

result_55_Final A_EN

result_56_Final A_EN



result_59_Final A_EN

result_60_Final D_EN

result_61_Final C_EN

result_62_Final B_EN

result_63_Final B_EN

result_64_Final B_EN

result_65_Final A_EN

result_66_Final A_EN

result_67_Final A_EN

result_68_Final A_EN

result_69_Final A_EN

Start List Summary - Day 1 11th Oct

Start List Summary - Day 2 12th Oct

Start List Summary - Day 3 13th Oct

Start List Summary - Day 4 14th Oct