Greetings from President

Dear Asian Rowing Family,

          Getting elected to be the President ofthe Asian Rowing Federation is truly an honor. During the past 4 years, rowingactivities have been increasingly developed in Asia. New forms of rowing, suchas Para-rowing and Coastal Rowing have been promoted while the traditional onesare still prospered and exciting. I am very confident that for the next 4 yearsrowing in Asia will be even more successfully developed and promoted.

          Making Asia well-known in all aspects of rowing, strong cooperation from us all are needed. Not only how to create best athletes do we need to focus on, but also we need to pay utmost attention to the environment that makes best athletes as well, which includes Coaching Workshop, High-performance Training Camp, and Rowing Competition Events. We need to make these kinds of events wide spread throughout our continent. We need to create Sport Mass in the first step. Then, Sport Mass will not only lead to Sport for Excellence, but it will also lead to prosperity in the region. Moreover, we shall work harder on the cooperation between the ARF and boat suppliers, in order to make rowing more accessible to communities in our region. With this plan and our beautiful continent, I believe that Asia will be the world rowing hub in the next few years.

          To achieve all the above mentioned, Ineed our close cooperation. We do need to work as a family to make rowingprosper in our region, and then to make Asian rowing more well-known in theworld. Thank you.