2019 Asian Rowing Coastal Championships

2019 Asian Rowing Coastal Championships
Event Details

Welcome to Pattaya, Thailand for the 2019 Asian Rowing Coastal Championships

Asian Rowing Federation (ARF)

President: Admiral Chainarong Charoenruk
Vice-Presidents: Mr. Nicholas Ee
Mrs. Ho Kim Fai
Mr. Yong Nam Jin
Mr. Vahid Moradi
Mr. Duan Xuan
Secretary-General: RAdm.Praparnpongs Pochanasomburana
Executive Director: Ms. Meng Yaning (Flora)
Committee Chairs:
Events Committee: Mr.Edy Suyono
Umpiring Committee: Mr.Takao Senda
Competitive Committee: Mr.Chris Perry
Marketing & Promotion Committee: Capt.Jirames Wongsanittadech
Rowing Development Committee: Mr. Hassan Ahmad Bilal
Para-Rowing Committee: Mr.Seung Hoon Han
Rowing for all Committee: Mr. Girish J Phadnis
Sports Medicine Committee: Mr.Mikio Hiura

E-mail: office@arfrowing.com (Thailand)
office_arf@sports.cn (Ms. Meng Yaning (Flora), Executive Director
Website: www.arfrowing.com

Rowing Canoeing Association of Thailand (R.C.A.T)

President: Adm. Chainarong Charoenruk
Secretary: RAdm. Narupon Kirdnak
Address: The Rowing and Canoeing Association of Thailand (R.C.A.T.)
18th Floor, Chalearmprakeat Building,
286 Sport Authority of Thailand Ramkhamhang rd.
Huamak, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240
Tel: +66 2170 9235
Fax: +66 2170 9236
E-mail: office@rcat.or.th
Website: www.rcat.or.th

Organizing Committee

Chairman: RAdm. Narupol Kirdnak
Vice Chairman: Capt.Wiwat Kwansungnern
Capt. Poollap Tattatongkam
Venue Manager: Capt. Norrapat Ta-In
Competition Manager: Dr.Tanormsak Sanakham
Technical affairs: Mr.Ng Wing Ning, Victor
General affairs: Dr.Rangsan Wongsan
Transportation/Logistic: Capt.Nopporn Theptoranee
Secretary (Contact Person): Capt. Jirames Wongsanittadech (+66 979463592, +66 626288829)
Deputy Secretary (Contact Person): Lcdr. Preecha Phuangphairote (+66 816165684)

E-mail: office@rcat.or.th, tukky1972@gmail.com, phuang_009@hotmail.com

International Jury

The International Jury (ITO) members will be appointed by the ARF Umpiring Committee.


Ambassador City Jomtien Pattaya  will be the Official Hotel. Bookings should be made through the Organizing Committee by 15th August 2019

Please noted that the official accommodation cost is included breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel.

Ocean Wing (Deluxe room)

Single Room USD 110 /person/night including 3 meals
Twin-room Sharing USD 90 /person/night including 3 meals

Tower Wing (Superior room)

Single Room USD 95 /person/night including 3 meals
Twin-room Sharing USD 80 /person/night including 3 meals

Garden Wing (Standard room)

Single Room USD 85 /person/night including 3 meals
Twin-room Sharing USD 70 /person/night including 3 meals


VISA and Accreditation


  • Visitors from a number of Asian countries require visa to enter the Thailand
  • Such visas must be issued before travel, Please check to Thailand embassy for requirement visa in embassy.
  • If you need Visa Invitation, Please send copy of passport (Clear and colour) and photograph by email as soon as possible.


All individuals (Jury, Team Officials & Rowers) are requested to complete the entry and accreditation forms, together with the copy of passport, and send to the OC together with the Entry or before 15th August 2019 by email.


Organizing Committee will arrange the local transportation from International Airport to hotel as follows:

  • Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Don-meang International Airport to Ambassador City Jomtien Pattaya 50 USD/person. (Round trip)
  • U-Tapao International Airport to Ambassador City Jomtien Pattaya 20 USD/person. (Round trip)

Competition Date:

20th – 22nd September, 2019

Competition Venue:

Ambassador City Jomtien Pattaya Hotel beach and adjacent area

Provisional Competition Schedule:

Date Wed
Arrival & Check-in x
Boat Rental and training schedule allocation x x
Course Open for Training x x
International Jury Meeting x
Team Managers’Meeting and Draw x
Qualification Races (if needed) x
Opening Ceremony x
Heats x x
Finals x
Closing Ceremony x
*Celebration Party x

*Teams will be responsible for their own cost and details will be announced in Bulletin No.2


Men (3) CM1X, CM2X, CM4X+
Women (3) CW1X, CW2X, CW4X+
Mix Mix2X, Mix4+


The 8 events are open to all club crews and national team crews, but all entries need to be recognized by National Federation and entry forms must be submitted through the National Federation. Each crew from one country/region must be ranked by the National Federation when the entry is submitted with the best crew ranked#1,the next crew#2,etc. The ranking will be used qualification races are needed. Queries about the ranking of crews should be addressed to the National Federation concerned.

(a) Preliminary Entry must be received by 1st August 2019.
The Preliminary Entry must include the events to be entered, the total number of athletes in the team, and the number of officials accompanying the team.
(b) Final Entry is due by 15th August 2019.
The completed Final Entry must include all necessary information for each crew, including name with date of birth of each athlete, all team members and substitutes and officials.

Entry Forms for Preliminary and Final Entries are attached to this Bulletin. These should be filled in and forwarded to the Organizing Committee, with a copy to ARF headquarters, by the stipulated date.

Please note: If any crew withdraws later than 3 hours before the draw until the end of the regatta (except for medical reasons), it will be subject to penalty in accordance with FISA rules.

Race Format:

  1. The race format will be a 4 kilometers course around a number of buoys with up to 8 boats in each race, starting together, with no designated lanes.
  2. Racing will be run in accordance with the FISA Coastal Rowing Competition Regulations (FISA Rule Book Appendix 22).
  3. The start and finish will both be on water.
  4. Teams should note that the race format is the “endurance” version of coastal rowing.
  5. The progression system will provide a maximum of 2 heats up to 8 crews in each event, with up to 4 crews from each heat proceeding to the Final which will have a maximum of 8 crews.
  6. If more than 16 entries are received in any event then qualification races will be held for that event on 20th September. Details of qualification process will be announced in Bulletin No.2
  7. Heats will be on Day 1 and 2. Finals will be on Day 3.

Opening Day of the Course:

The venue will be officially open from 19th September f or crews to train.


All competitors must wear the official competition uniform of their national federation (for national team crews) or club (for club crews).

Weather in September:

The past average weather conditions in Pattaya in September are as follows:

Average daily maximum air temperature (°C) 29.6
Average daily minimum air temperature (°C) 24.5
Average relative humidity (%) 80
Average monthly rainfall (mm) 249.4
Predominant wind direction 211° SSW
Average wind speed 6.8 km/hr
Maximum wind speed 16.1 km/hr

 Boats and Equipment:

  1. The Official Boat Supplier is Swift International Limited. All boats and other
    equipment shall comply with FISA Rules of Racing. The Organizing Committee (OC)
    will provide boats for rent. All boats will be shared between teams. Teams are
    requested to bring their own sculling oars, but the OC would still provide a limited number of pairs of oars for rent. Teams may bring their own boats.
  2. Boat rental charges (USD/per crew/per boat/per day on the basis of sharing

    Type of Boat USD/per crew/per boat/per day
    Coastal Solo (C1X) $50
    Coastal Double Sculls (C2X) $75
    Coastal Coxed Quadruple Sculls (C4x+) $100
  3. Sculling oars will be available for rental at the cost of USD10/pair/day. Rental sculling oars might also have to be shared.