Asian Continental Qualifier Event for 2021 World Rowing Virtual Indoor Championships

WORLD ROWING is the international governing body for the sport of rowing and stages annually the
World Rowing Indoor Championships (“WRICH”).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 2021 WRICH will be hosted for the first time ever as a virtual event
open to all, worldwide. Competitors can race from anywhere in the world, but must have access to a
Concept2 Indoor Rowing machine (equipped with Performance Monitors 3, 4 or 5).

Because of the technical and management constraints on the planned virtual race software, the finals
races will be capped to a limited number of athletes, racing virtually in real time. These athletes will
have had to qualify for each respective final.

For certain race categories there will be a mix of qualification via two pathways. One pathway will be
an Open Qualification pathway, being an individual virtual qualification for the finals based on fastest
verifiable times by event. The other pathway will be a Continental Qualification pathway, through
which top finishers from a live, virtual Continental Qualifier can qualify for the WRICH finals.

The 2021 World Rowing Indoor Championships Finals will be held on 23-27 February 2021.

This Bulletin sets out the requirements, eligibility and arrangements for the Asian Continental Qualifier
and is sanctioned by World Rowing for this purpose. The Asian Qualifier is hosted by the Hong Kong,
China Rowing Association in conjunction with World Rowing.

The Asian Continental Qualifier will be held on SUNDAY 24th JANUARY 2021, Hong Kong Time.
Entries will close at midnight on Thursday 14th January 2021, Hong Kong Time.

More details, please see in the bulletin below.