2019 Asian Rowing Championships Report

  1. 2019 Asian Rowing Championships

Date: 2019. 10. 23 ~ 2019. 10. 27

Venue: Tangeum Lake International Rowing Course, Chungju, Korea

Number of People: 600 people

Participating Nations: 21 nations

2019 Asian Rowing Championships were successfully hosted with over 600 participants participating. All the competitions, Nations Dinner, training went well without considerable problems with the collaboration of KRA(Korean Rowing Association), ARF(Asian Rowing Federation), KPRA(Korean Para Rowing Association), and Swift racing.

Organizing Committee and President of Jury and Technical delegate tried hard to make safe race with rehearsals and innumerable checking of the regatta, and made prompt actions to the sudden situations leading to smooth progression.


  1. Other events
    • Team Manager Meeting

Draw and the first Team manager meeting took place on 14:00, 22nd October. Also, team manager meeting held every day, 30 minutes after the start of the last race of the day on the 1st floor of the Grandstand.

From each National Federations, more than one coach had to attend the Team Manager Meeting. The Team Manager Meeting was consisted of Roll Call, Weather Forecast, Start List information, Notice from O.C., POJ, and TD. In addition to that, coaches or managers from each NF was able to suggest their opinions or ideas to others in the team manager meeting.

  • Jury Meeting

After the draw and the team Manager Meeting, Jury gathered and made a meeting at 15:00 on 22nd Oct. They introduced one another and established Jury Designation.

  • Opening Ceremony & Nation Dinner

Opening Ceremony held on October 22nd at 22nd at 16:00. As the congratulatory performance, Cheong-Ju traditional performance tem (지명원) opened the Opening Ceremony with the Korean traditional performance. Opening Ceremony mainly progressed with the introduction of participating teams from each Asia country. A lot of distinguished guests including Admiral Chinarong Charoenruk, the ARF president, attended to celebrate the 2019 Asian Rowing Championships’ opening. K-POP group “Happiness” joined to congratulate the opening of the Championships with their exciting and eye-catching performance.

Nations Dinner, which held after the Opening Ceremony, became the event that athletes, officials and all team members build invaluable memories and friendships with other team members.

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