2019 ARF Ordinary Congress, Agenda Papers, Chungju, Korea

Agenda Papers

2019 ARF Ordinary Congress

Chungju, Korea

Saturday, 26 October 2019 15:00 hrs

  1. Opening the session          –
  2. Identification of the delegates and confirmation of their authority                                                                                              –
  3. Appointment of scrutineers for the period of Congress                                                                                            –
  4. Approval of the minutes of the 2018 Ordinary Congress
  5. Report of the President
  6. Reports of the Vice-Presidents
  7. Report of the Secretary General
  8. Reports from Chairs of Committees
  9. Approval of the accounts, financial statement and auditor’s report for the preceding fiscal year
  10. Approval of the budget for the following fiscal year
  11. Determination of the annual membership subscription.
  12. Appointment of a member federation to audit the accounts for the following fiscal year
  13. Place and date of the next Ordinary Congress
  14. Attribution of future ARF Regattas
  15. Reports on future ARF Regattas
  16. Report on applications for membership and voting on such applications
  17. Proposals for the development of Asian rowing and ARF.
  18. Alterations to the Statutes, Bye-laws and Regulations
  19. Election of the President and Vice-Presidents (in the years designated for such elections)
  20. Individual proposals (received in accordance with Articles 17 and 19 of the Statutes)
  21. Award of the ARF Medal of Honour
  22. Other items proposed by the Executive Committee
  23. Presentation from FISA President and/or FISA Continental Representative Asia
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